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Home Buyer of the Month - March, 2015

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“If I can live in Lowell all my life and visit my family in Cambodia, I’ll be happy” says Bora with a smile.

Bora and Chanminea had been living in the U.S. for five years before they bought their first home. “The first time is tough,” says Bora, remembering when he and Chanminea first arrived from Cambodia. “Everything was new for me.”

The two had been renting a home when a friend told Bora about the home buyer training classes. They took the class that the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership does in cooperation with the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association. Bora and Chanminea learned a lot about home buying in the U.S. After visiting almost twenty homes, the young couple found a perfect home in the new Rivers Edge development in which to raise their daughter, Monineat. They moved in on Christmas day of 2014.

They met with Ed Alcantara, our home buyer counselor, three times during their process. Ed guided them in applying for the ONE MORTGAGE loan funded by the Massachusetts Housing Partnership. Donna Koulas was their loan officer. They also received down payment assistance from the City of Lowell.

Because the family had been saving money for this big step in their lives, visiting family in Cambodia has not possible. After years without seeing family, they still reconnect every week over the phone.

Congratulations to the new homeowners, Bora and Chanminea.