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Home Buyer of the Month - April, 2015

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Having grown up in Cadiz, Spain, Maria came to the United States to earn her master’s degree. She studied, and then taught, in Texas. She eventually decided that she wanted to buy a home.

Though she enjoyed living in Texas, it was too far from Cádiz, where she frequently returns to visit her mother. Deciding to try living on the East Coast, Maria came to Lowell in 2004 and became a language professor at UMass Lowell. It was here that a colleague told her about the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership.

Maria felt surprised at how complicated the home buying process was in the U.S., so she attended the home buyer training classes. “There were so many people of so many different backgrounds, and at all stages of the process,” recalls Maria, about the classes. “But they really made everyone feel welcome.” Maria met with our home buyer counselor to set her plan in motion. Six months after completing the training, Maria bought her home in Lowell.

Maria has come to love Lowell, and since moving into her new home in October, she is happy to stay. Lowell saw record breaking snow fall during her first winter as a home owner.

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